Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Season

Farmers and prepared food vendors from within 50 miles of Greenland Central School will be welcomed.  There are restrictions; guidelines and application will be posted by January 31st, 2015.  Please contact Jean with any questions:
greenlandfarmersmarket <at>

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Final Market is Tuesday! Come Check Out the Addition!

We're teaming up with Green Alliance and a bunch of their local business and nonprofit partners!  Come on over to the market on Tuesday and check out what an electric bike is all about...or see what kinds of great things Mary's Dogs is up to. The Great Bay Stewards will have good things for you and your children to try (and eat!), and you can see firsthand what Green Alliance is all about! There'll be others!

click on image to enlarge!
We're waiting to hear back from Wolf Meadow Farm, who may join us for this final market.  We'll definitely see NH Mushroom Company and Embers Bakery, along with many of our regular vendors.  Being the time of year for agricultural fairs, we're down a few farmers (sadly Top of the Hill and Hackleboro--talk about a hit!), but we'll try and make it up to you with FREE ice cream (served by the Great Bay Stewards) and awesome music performed by Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki and Matt Jensen!  These guys are no amateurs!  "State Champion," and "Master Fiddler" are just a couple of comments that come to mind.  Don't miss them!

See you Tuesday!  Bring the kids, there'll be a great craft for them to make at the Great Bay Stewards tent!  (You, on the other hand, can try out an EZ electric bike for giggles!)



Saturday, September 13, 2014

Only Three Weeks Left! Week 17 = September 16, 2014

"A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do
when anything unexpected happens."  Robert Baden-Powell

Cub Scouts Pack 166, Greenland, made a killing on their wristband fundraiser, representing a whole lotta support from all ye fellow market supporters!  On behalf of the youngsters who worked hard to pitch their cause, "Thank you!"
Well, I'm not a Scout, but I do know what to do when an unexpected shoulder injury comes along. Therefore the reason for dropping the last two dates of the Greenland Farmers' Market season (gone are Oct. 7th & 14th).  So, "three weeks left" it is!

But fear not, fellow locavores and market goers, the season--which still has three robust weeks to come--will be back in full force come 2015, with many vendors returning, and new faces joining!

For now, let's stick to the present!  For September 16th, we'll be 20-tents strong, including:

(NEW this week!) Anderson's Mini Maples
(NEW this week!) Baer's Best Beans at Lover Brook
Blueberry Hills: Alternatives for Life
From My Head TomaTOES Farm
Hackleboro Orchards
Kellie Brook Farm
Meadow's Mirth Farm
Moriarty's Greenhouse
NH Mushroom Co.
Top of the Hill Farm

Prepared Food Vendors:
Canterbury Bread Shop
Embers Bakery
Forty Five Market Street Bakery & Cafe
Little River Pantry
The Soup Guy
Throwback Brewery

As well as:
Digestion Matters
Emilie's Homemade Dog Food
Gunther's Goodies Dog Treats
Maine sea salt under the GFM tent



Music for Sept. 16th: Sandra Koski, shakers and all!  :)

Coming up:
Sept. 23rd: North River Band

Thanks to Seacoast Eat Local, Eno's Design Center, and Poly Recovery for sponsoring the Greenland farmers' market!

Monday, September 8, 2014

To Market, To Market... Week 16 - September 9, 2014

Dennis/NH Mushroom Co. selling lots of fresh mushrooms. Last week's specialty? Wild 'cauliflower' and 'Hen of the Woods' mushrooms (among many others).
Yes, last week was a bit of a bust, what with a storm burst that drenched us all (those who were steadfast in remaining at the market, anyway!) in 15 minutes or less. But sure enough, trusty-dusty shoppers from here and there came out and scored delicious loaves of sourdough bread from Embers Bakery, ready-to-burst melons, nectarines, plums and peaches, and blueberries from Hackleboro Orchards, and all kinds of gorgeous greens, root veggies and tomatoes from Meadow's Mirth Farm and From My Head Tomatoes Farm. Not to mention cold beer, wild mushrooms, specialty sea salts and dog treats!


This week our vendor count is back up to 18 or so tents and we hope that y'all will take time to shop with us!  With school back in swing, now is the time to nourish those little brain cells with wholesome, nutritious foods--whether your own or your child's! And, well, you know, brightly colored cut flowers are always a good way to cheer up the living space, so grab some of those, too. :)

Meadow's Mirth zinnias really are this brightly colored! 
Anderson's Mini Maples will be joining us on 9/16 (as will Canterbury Bread Shop and Baer's Best Beans) with ample flavorful maple syrup (simply some of the best we've ever had), his own candied pecans, cut flowers and more.

Here's more good news, excerpt-style from a few emails and Facebook posts for this week:




Our musician of the week: Martin England!  Check out this You Tube clip to hear one of our favorite songs:

Now for some not-so-good news (don't shoot the messenger):

Dennis from NH Mushroom Co. has been called away to Seattle for this week. We are awaiting word on 'Jeremy' subbing for him. Dennis assures us that he'll be back "for all the rest of the markets."

The Soup Guy is down on help, and has not confirmed whether his product will be available at tomorrow's market.

That's about it.  We're hopeful that all of our other great vendors will be in place, including Kellie Brook Farm; Forty Five Market Street Bakery & Cafe; Moriarty's Greenhouses (mums!); Throwback Brewery; From My Head Tomatoes; Little River Pantry; Gunther's Goodies; Top of the Hill Farm; Emilie's Homemade Dog Food; Meadow's Mirth; Hackleboro Orchards; Blueberry Hill Alternatives; Embers Bakery; Willow Road Watercolors; and, the GFM tent with assorted sea salts and of course SNAP/EBT and Debit!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014 - Week 15!

Here we are in September, and at our 15th week of the season. It's been a long summer, but we can still help you plan a meal for your table! And, this week, we can do so with some pretty fantastic fiddling in the background: welcome Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki!

Top of the Hill Farm, Little River Pantry, and Blueberry Hill Alternatives will be out this week, and Barker's Farm is now done for the season (we knew this at the beginning). On the upside, NH Mushroom Co. will back with their wonderful array of fresh mushrooms (we're actually having withdrawal symptoms)!

Hackleboro Orchards will be bringing on the stone fruits, melons, peppers, squash and more, and From My HEAD TomaTOES will be on hand with all kinds of delicious heirloom goodies.

Speaking of heads, head to Kellie Brook Farm for chicken, duck, turkey, bacon, sausage and more, including 'to-go' meals!

Need greens? Meadow's Mirth Farm will have their organically certified greens, as well as, beets, carrots, potatoes, onions, and more. Not to mention beautiful cut flowers!  There's nothing like a big, beautiful bouquet of dazzling sunflowers to brighten your living space.

We'll also see Embers Bakery today, with country french loaves that will be sure to please your hankering for butter-slathered sourdough bread!

How about some soup to go with that bread? The Soup Guy will be on site, offering both hot and cold soups, corn bread and more.

Forty Five Market Street Bakery & Cafe, in addition to their usual array of baked goods, including fresh white breads & baguettes, will have cold, refreshing White Heron iced tea! To quench your thirst further, Throwback will have delicious brews on hand.  We are especially enamored with their Red Rover milk stout!
Fall mums are here! You can get those and perennials for the garden (now's the time to get those fall gardens going) from Moriarty Greenhouses today.

For the Fido-loving people out there whose pup deserves a treat (every hour in this house), don't forget to check out Gunther's Goodies and Emilie's Homemade Dog Food. Gunther's offers peanut butter dog bones made with White Birch beer grains (no alcohol, promise!), and new for Emilie's are Maine-sourced sweet potato and rosemary-liver treats!  Isn't your pup worth a little splurge?

Last but not least, Willow Road Watercolors will be at the market today. Her watercolor paintings are so detailed and unique. From elegant wall hangings (think ahead for those special Christmas gifts!) to blank notecards, her artwork is both aesthetic and environmentally conscious.

So, how about chilled soup with fresh bread for dinner this evening? Add in a salad of organic mixed greens with heirloom tomatoes and crunchy carrots, and perhaps a whoopie pie from Forty Five, and you've got a super fast spread. Or, how about sausage, peppers and onions?  Cold beer goes with a plate of that!

You could always switch things up and go for grilled chicken wings. They'll thaw in no time and need no more than salt & pepper or a quick glaze of BBQ sauce from the pantry. Add roasted potatoes and sauteed chard and you've got a healthy meal in no time.

No matter what we have this evening, we will be starting off with roasted mushrooms (takes all of 15 minutes to do), which we'll then pureed with soft butter to smear all over some of Embers' country french bread. Yum!

Embers Bakery, fyi, has a whole lot more than fresh baked bread to offer. Next week, barring anymore unforeseen circumstances (gotta love those!), our dinner is definitely going to consist of wood-fired pizza, straight from a mobile oven just built from scratch using Kickstarter campaign funds.  Below are pix from a recent launch party that Embers held over Labor Day weekend.  All those peppers (4 varieties) came from our market. We'll post big signs to get you there! :)

Locally yours,

The Greenland Farmers' Market

Monday, August 18, 2014

Let the sunshine in! - Week 13, August 19, 2014

Join us on Tuesdays, 3-6 PM, rain or shine (and this week it'll be SHINE!)


Remembrance Park, Post Rd

(across from Greenland Central School)

The Greenland Farmers' Market provides live music

and two dozen tents of fresh farm food, prepared

goods and unique crafts. Grab your bags and check

us out this week! A glimpse of a few who'll be on hand:

Canterbury Bread Shop (a market exclusive)

From My Head Tomatoes Farm (a market exclusive)

Hackleboro Orchards (a market exclusive)

Tom Schena will be playing this week.
This will be Tom's last gig at the Greenland market,
so come on over and say hello!

Little River Pantry

Walk On Glass (a market exclusive)

Meadow's Mirth Farm

Top of the Hill Farm (a market exclusive)

Gunther's Goodies (a market exclusive)

The NH Mushroom Co. will be out this

week only (they have a big to-do at the

new Whole Foods in Nashua). They'll

be back next week with gusto! :)

We say goodbye to Brasen Hill Farm.

Eleanor's PhD studies at UNH begin soon,

leaving Theo to run the farm. Unfortunately,

this means they won't be vending at the

market. Best wishes for you both, Theo

and Eleanor! Thanks for all those delicious

onions, beans, cabbages, peppers, eggs

and more!

We'll have all the rest of our devoted farmers,

with loads of delicious meats, eggs, poultry,

native corn, fresh cut flowers and more!

See you tomorrow!

Yours Locally,
The Greenland Farmers' Market 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 12 - August 12, 2014 The Harvest is a-Happenin'!

Due to the weight of peaches weighing down the limbs on our wee peach tree, one must spend time outdoors picking fruit versus sitting indoors typing an e-newsletter and full blog post!

Let the pictures speak
to the great farm foods and other goodies available
at our market! 

One might also venture down the Home page and revisit last week's post to learn of all the yummy delights coming our way this week!  (This time, for real! ;)

See you Tuesday!  Don't forget your bags!

Top: Brasen Hill Farm (Barrington) Swiss chard & cabbages; Hackleboro Orchards (Canterbury) assorted bell peppers
Middle: White Gate Farm (Epping) green beans; Barker's Farm (Stratham) corn
Bottom: Meadow's Mirth Farm (Stratham) organic beets; Top of the Hill Farm (Wolfeboro) eggplant; Meadow's Mirth Farm organic heirloom cherry tomatoes
Top: Hackleboro Orchards (Canterbury) peaches; Top of the Hill Farm (Wolfeboro) blueberries
Middle: Brasen Hill Farm (Barrington) chard; musician Chad Verbeck
Bottom: Hackleboro Orchards assorted honey products; Eileen Hickman/Walk On Glass crafts (Rochester); Moriarty Greenhouses (Stratham) ornamentals (hibiscus flower)
Top: Barker's Farm (Stratham) cabbages; Top of the Hill Farm (Wolfeboro) cherry tomatoes
Middle: Forty Five Market Street bakery & Cafe (Rochester) baked goods; Kellie Brook Farm (Greenland) chicken wings
Bottom: NH Mushroom Co. (Tamworth) oyster mushrooms; Meadow's Mirth Farm (Stratham) organically grown cut flowers and fresh-dug carrots