Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014 - Week 15!

Here we are in September, and at our 15th week of the season. It's been a long summer, but we can still help you plan a meal for your table! And, this week, we can do so with some pretty fantastic fiddling in the background: welcome Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki!

Top of the Hill Farm, Little River Pantry, and Blueberry Hill Alternatives will be out this week, and Barker's Farm is now done for the season (we knew this at the beginning). On the upside, NH Mushroom Co. will back with their wonderful array of fresh mushrooms (we're actually having withdrawal symptoms)!

Hackleboro Orchards will be bringing on the stone fruits, melons, peppers, squash and more, and From My HEAD TomaTOES will be on hand with all kinds of delicious heirloom goodies.

Speaking of heads, head to Kellie Brook Farm for chicken, duck, turkey, bacon, sausage and more, including 'to-go' meals!

Need greens? Meadow's Mirth Farm will have their organically certified greens, as well as, beets, carrots, potatoes, onions, and more. Not to mention beautiful cut flowers!  There's nothing like a big, beautiful bouquet of dazzling sunflowers to brighten your living space.

We'll also see Embers Bakery today, with country french loaves that will be sure to please your hankering for butter-slathered sourdough bread!

How about some soup to go with that bread? The Soup Guy will be on site, offering both hot and cold soups, corn bread and more.

Forty Five Market Street Bakery & Cafe, in addition to their usual array of baked goods, including fresh white breads & baguettes, will have cold, refreshing White Heron iced tea! To quench your thirst further, Throwback will have delicious brews on hand.  We are especially enamored with their Red Rover milk stout!
Fall mums are here! You can get those and perennials for the garden (now's the time to get those fall gardens going) from Moriarty Greenhouses today.

For the Fido-loving people out there whose pup deserves a treat (every hour in this house), don't forget to check out Gunther's Goodies and Emilie's Homemade Dog Food. Gunther's offers peanut butter dog bones made with White Birch beer grains (no alcohol, promise!), and new for Emilie's are Maine-sourced sweet potato and rosemary-liver treats!  Isn't your pup worth a little splurge?

Last but not least, Willow Road Watercolors will be at the market today. Her watercolor paintings are so detailed and unique. From elegant wall hangings (think ahead for those special Christmas gifts!) to blank notecards, her artwork is both aesthetic and environmentally conscious.

So, how about chilled soup with fresh bread for dinner this evening? Add in a salad of organic mixed greens with heirloom tomatoes and crunchy carrots, and perhaps a whoopie pie from Forty Five, and you've got a super fast spread. Or, how about sausage, peppers and onions?  Cold beer goes with a plate of that!

You could always switch things up and go for grilled chicken wings. They'll thaw in no time and need no more than salt & pepper or a quick glaze of BBQ sauce from the pantry. Add roasted potatoes and sauteed chard and you've got a healthy meal in no time.

No matter what we have this evening, we will be starting off with roasted mushrooms (takes all of 15 minutes to do), which we'll then pureed with soft butter to smear all over some of Embers' country french bread. Yum!

Embers Bakery, fyi, has a whole lot more than fresh baked bread to offer. Next week, barring anymore unforeseen circumstances (gotta love those!), our dinner is definitely going to consist of wood-fired pizza, straight from a mobile oven just built from scratch using Kickstarter campaign funds.  Below are pix from a recent launch party that Embers held over Labor Day weekend.  All those peppers (4 varieties) came from our market. We'll post big signs to get you there! :)

Locally yours,

The Greenland Farmers' Market

Monday, August 18, 2014

Let the sunshine in! - Week 13, August 19, 2014

Join us on Tuesdays, 3-6 PM, rain or shine (and this week it'll be SHINE!)


Remembrance Park, Post Rd

(across from Greenland Central School)

The Greenland Farmers' Market provides live music

and two dozen tents of fresh farm food, prepared

goods and unique crafts. Grab your bags and check

us out this week! A glimpse of a few who'll be on hand:

Canterbury Bread Shop (a market exclusive)

From My Head Tomatoes Farm (a market exclusive)

Hackleboro Orchards (a market exclusive)

Tom Schena will be playing this week.
This will be Tom's last gig at the Greenland market,
so come on over and say hello!

Little River Pantry

Walk On Glass (a market exclusive)

Meadow's Mirth Farm

Top of the Hill Farm (a market exclusive)

Gunther's Goodies (a market exclusive)

The NH Mushroom Co. will be out this

week only (they have a big to-do at the

new Whole Foods in Nashua). They'll

be back next week with gusto! :)

We say goodbye to Brasen Hill Farm.

Eleanor's PhD studies at UNH begin soon,

leaving Theo to run the farm. Unfortunately,

this means they won't be vending at the

market. Best wishes for you both, Theo

and Eleanor! Thanks for all those delicious

onions, beans, cabbages, peppers, eggs

and more!

We'll have all the rest of our devoted farmers,

with loads of delicious meats, eggs, poultry,

native corn, fresh cut flowers and more!

See you tomorrow!

Yours Locally,
The Greenland Farmers' Market 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 12 - August 12, 2014 The Harvest is a-Happenin'!

Due to the weight of peaches weighing down the limbs on our wee peach tree, one must spend time outdoors picking fruit versus sitting indoors typing an e-newsletter and full blog post!

Let the pictures speak
to the great farm foods and other goodies available
at our market! 

One might also venture down the Home page and revisit last week's post to learn of all the yummy delights coming our way this week!  (This time, for real! ;)

See you Tuesday!  Don't forget your bags!

Top: Brasen Hill Farm (Barrington) Swiss chard & cabbages; Hackleboro Orchards (Canterbury) assorted bell peppers
Middle: White Gate Farm (Epping) green beans; Barker's Farm (Stratham) corn
Bottom: Meadow's Mirth Farm (Stratham) organic beets; Top of the Hill Farm (Wolfeboro) eggplant; Meadow's Mirth Farm organic heirloom cherry tomatoes
Top: Hackleboro Orchards (Canterbury) peaches; Top of the Hill Farm (Wolfeboro) blueberries
Middle: Brasen Hill Farm (Barrington) chard; musician Chad Verbeck
Bottom: Hackleboro Orchards assorted honey products; Eileen Hickman/Walk On Glass crafts (Rochester); Moriarty Greenhouses (Stratham) ornamentals (hibiscus flower)
Top: Barker's Farm (Stratham) cabbages; Top of the Hill Farm (Wolfeboro) cherry tomatoes
Middle: Forty Five Market Street bakery & Cafe (Rochester) baked goods; Kellie Brook Farm (Greenland) chicken wings
Bottom: NH Mushroom Co. (Tamworth) oyster mushrooms; Meadow's Mirth Farm (Stratham) organically grown cut flowers and fresh-dug carrots




Sunday, August 3, 2014

We're Fired Up for Week 11! (Well, almost!)

We're sorry to report that Wolf Meadow Farm will be out for the next couple weeks restocking their cheese coffers. But, Embers Bakery will be joining the Greenland Farmers' Market beginning this Tuesday with scrumptious wood-fire baked sourdough breads. And, in just a couple of weeks Embers will be toting his brand-spanky new mobile, wood-fired oven on the back of a truck, built specifically for baking the most amazing pizzas.  See below; you'll agree!  We do think we'll sacrifice our favorite spot on the green just for Embers Bakery!

Photos courtesy of Embers Bakery
Kevin will be sourcing his toppings from local farmers, too, so expect some pretty tasty options. Maybe we'll see yummies such as grilled eggplant, or sausage, peppers and onions, or NH Mushroom Co. specialties!  Got any suggestions of your own? Let us know!  No matter what he goes for, there'll be very delicious pies for you to munch on or take home. Take this one, for example...

Right?! In the meantime, you have got to try some of his fabulous sourdough bread. Go ahead, tell us you love us. :)

And, of course, there'll be ample, diverse farm fresh foods for you to shop for as well.  You already know there'll be sweet tender corn from Barker's Farm, and tomatoes from many of our farmers, and blueberries and raspberries, and eggplants, and string beans, and peppers and carrots and beets, and swiss chard and summer squashes, and...well, you get the picture!  There'll be LOTS for you to choose from! Baked goods, too, and plenty of local meats!  Lest we forge the brew!

So pack up some bags, make up those lists, and get yourselves over to Greenland on Tuesday, August 5th!  You'll have Exeter's David Corson to listen to while you shop, too!

We'll have several crafters on site, a couple returning (Jane Eslinger with her metal and stone jewelry, and Eileen Hickman with her stepping stones and suncatchers), but also a new father-son woodworking team with practical but stylish multi-purpose recycling benches.  ThisAbility is the name, and cool benches are their game!  See you Tuesday!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Where Do We Even Begin?! Week 10!

Berries, Eggplant and Corn, Oh My!

Summer's bounty is kicking in with gusto!
Be the cook with all the local goodness at your reach! 

All kinds of new, delicious, prepared goodies are slated for Tuesday's market! From organic gooseberry jelly and cherry-berry jam, to rhubarb ketchup and summer squash relishes, your cooking is about to explode with flavor.  And then there are the veggies!  Eggplant, peppers, corn, potatoes, onions, summer and zucchini squashes, giant oyster mushrooms...let the grilling begin! Don't forget the tomatoes and basil and fresh mozzarella, or the Delmonicos, steak tips, sausages and more! See you there! Tuesdays, 3-6PM!

Top row: Sweet summer squash relish (and zesty zucchini relish) will be available from Little River Pantry.  And those super plump berries?  Those are gooseberries, and LRP will have jars of brand-spanky new organic gooseberry jelly for you Tuesday (not to mention "Cherry-Berry" jam from more locally sourced fruit!)!
Middle row: Hackleboro Orchards and Top of the Hill Farm, and likely Barker's Farm, will have peppers!  Hackleboro and Meadow's Mirth Farm will gave blueberries!!
Bottom row: Get yer eggplant from Top of the Hill! Raspberries, too!  And, Sugarmomma's Maple Farm will be sporting brand new jars of rhubarb ketchup on their table!

Top row: Yes!  We will have corn!!  Barker's is the best!  Sweet, tender...get it now!  Thirsty? Try Blackbird's Daughter Botanical's ever so lightly sweetened and botanically flavored spritzers!  So yummy!  (She sells the syrup, too, for you to take home and make yourself!)
Middle row: Sugarmomma's Maple Farm and Brasen Hill Farm both sell eggs!  Check out Kellie Brook Farm for all kinds of pork cuts for grilling!
Bottom row: The hat trick, here, kids! Fresh mozzarella from Wolf Meadow Farm, and tomatoes from Top of the Hill, or Hackleboro Orchards, or Meadow's Mirth, or Barker's Farm, or From My Head Tomatoes ...phew! Find huge bunches of basil from Top of the Hill, and smaller, easy-to-utilize bunches from Barker's Farm
There is so much more!  Great beer, mushrooms for grilling (or any other style of cooking that you desire), all kinds of tender squashes... you name it!  Come get it! We'll have plenty of tokens on hand to help you out if you use SNAP or debit, and copies of the 2014-15 Seacoast Harvest should you want a personal copy of the seasonal foods calendar on the inside!

Yours Locally,
The Greenland Farmers' Market

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Greenland Farmers' Market - Week 9: Pix and More Pix!

Barker's Farm cut flowers and spring dug potatoes (Irish Cobblers and redskins); Meadow's Mirth blueberries; Harry from Hackleboro Orchards polishing Honeycrisp apples; Brasen Hill Farm's Ailsa Craig and Red Torpedo onions; Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals' handcrafted gourmet sugars and bath salts; Kailey getting her signage ready for From My HEAD TomaTOES; Top of the Hill slicing tomatoes
Hackleboro Orchards' array of summer squash; Top of the Hill's fresh herb bundles and cut flowers (among a fine selection of grassfed meats!); Meadow's Mirth Farm's succulently sweet cherry, grape and slicing tomatoes; From My HEAD TomaTOES selling heirloom cukes, salad greens and sunflowers; lavender shortbread for sale at Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals; White Gate Farm's array of homemade jams & jellies, maple syrup and honey, and their green beans; organic beets from Meadow's Mirth Farm; Forrest Barker from Barker's Farm; handmade cider donuts from Hackleboro Orchards; dried culinary and medicinal mushrooms from NH Mushroom Co.
Hackleboro Orchards honey; Top of the Hill Farm slicing cukes; Little River Pantry jam & jelly trios (among many other fine canned good products!); Barker's Farm's own popping corn; stained glass window ornament from Walk On Glass, Rochester, NH; Throwback Brewery's locally made brew; Kellie Brook Farm's smoked bacon
Forty Five market Street Bakery and Cafe with freshly pressed lemonade; Dennis from NH Mushroom Co.; Little River Pantry's pickled eggs; Gunther's Goodies dog treats; Barker's Farm romaine lettuce; Sugarmomma's Maple Farm maple soft-serve ice cream; Forty Five's array of cookies; Jewell Towne Vineyard's wines; Wolf Meadow Farm artisan Italian cheeses
Moriarty's Greenhouses selling hangers and potted annuals & perennials; Sugarmomma's Maple Farm products; an array of annuals from Moriarty's Greenhouses; Wicked Rural Apothecary handcrafted gifts, including Pysanky eggs, beeswax candles, polymer clay ornaments and more; Emilie's Homemade Dog Food; eggs for sale from Brasen Hill Farm (White Gate Farm and Sugarmomma's, too!); and, whimsical citronella beeswax patio candles from Wicked Rural Apothecary 


Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Middle Stretch!

Josh Jennings, Meadow's Mirth Farm, Stratham, NH
Meadow's Mirth Farm will be joining us Tuesday, and they'll be sure to please with their certified organic cut flowers and delicious vegetables, fresh greens, edible flowers and more! Stop by and say hello to farm owner Josh Jennings, if you don't already know him from Portsmouth and Exeter's markets!

Whimsically named From My HEAD TomaTOES Farm will also be joining us.  FMHT specializes in preserving genetic diversity and whole-system cultivation with their growing practices, with heirloom tomatoes at the forefront! Stop by and say hello to Kailey Burke, one of the three farmers behind FMHT!

Keith Salcines, Kailey Burke, and Britton Beal, From My Head Tomatoes Farm, Lee, NH

Susan McGeough and her late father, Andy, White Gate Farm, Epping, NH
Last but not least, White Gate Farm will be joining us! Susan McGeough and her family are long-time well-loved vendors of fabulous fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, winter squash, homemade preserves, honey, maple syrup, and more. Welcome White Gate!

Then there's music! Up this week in the music department, David Moore will be with us. An accomplished NH birch syrup farmer, David, a music teacher by day, plays the piano accordion, 5-string banjo (three-finger style), and fiddle!  Known for his meandering style, he has a very fun way of entertaining the market. Just you wait and see!
Musician David Moore
Returning as our featured artist this week, JNEslinger Metal Work & Jewelry will have a full display of beautiful handmade mixed metals and torch-fired jewelry pieces.  Jane reclaims copper from sources in NH and uses seaglass and stones on occasion, making unique, whimsical pieces in all kinds of colors.  Again, just in time for those July birthdays! :)

Lead-free enameled earrings by Jane Eslinger metal work & jewelry

Photo courtesy Seacoast Eat Local
Click on image to learn more about shopping with SNAP/ebt and Debit
As always we'll have plenty of tokens on hand for debit/credit and SNAP shoppers, and match for SNAP shoppers thanks to support from Seacoast Eat Local!

Thanks to market underwriters Eno's Design Center and Poly Recovery! Their generous support makes many aspects of our market possible, from hiring musicians to giving out $25 gift cards for milestone fans of our Facebook page (#500 is fast approaching!) and photo contest winners (one of these days, one of you might actually post a picture on our FB page and win our photo contest!).

If you haven't signed up for our e-newsletter, there's no time like the present!  Lots of detail goes into each week's letter, with farmers and their products featured. This week's edition focuses on agricultural practices.

What's up with the greens that've got holes in their leaves? Read our newsletter and find out!

And, of course, we'll have all our other great farmers, prepared food vendors, and more:

Barker's Farm; Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals (snow cones are a-comin'!); Blueberry Hill: Alternatives for Life; Brasen Hill Farm; Digestion Matters; Emilie's Homemade Dog Food; Forty Five Market Street Bakery and Cafe; Gunther's Goodies; Hackleboro Orchards; (Jewell Towne Vineyards is out this week only); Kellie Brook Farm; Little River Pantry (new products every week!); Moriarty Greenhouses (gorgeous hangers always!); New Hampshire Mushroom Co.; Sugarmomma's Maple Farm; Throwback Brewery; Top of the Hill Farm; (Wicked Rural Apothecary is out this week only); and, Wolf Meadow Farm!  Phew!  

We still have lots of Maine sea salt options for you, too! Every purchase goes towards a charity of your choice--visit our table for more info!

Locally yours,

The Greenland Farmers' Market