Monday, July 28, 2014

Where Do We Even Begin?! Week 10!

Berries, Eggplant and Corn, Oh My!

Summer's bounty is kicking in with gusto!
Be the cook with all the local goodness at your reach! 

All kinds of new, delicious, prepared goodies are slated for Tuesday's market! From organic gooseberry jelly and cherry-berry jam, to rhubarb ketchup and summer squash relishes, your cooking is about to explode with flavor.  And then there are the veggies!  Eggplant, peppers, corn, potatoes, onions, summer and zucchini squashes, giant oyster mushrooms...let the grilling begin! Don't forget the tomatoes and basil and fresh mozzarella, or the Delmonicos, steak tips, sausages and more! See you there! Tuesdays, 3-6PM!

Top row: Sweet summer squash relish (and zesty zucchini relish) will be available from Little River Pantry.  And those super plump berries?  Those are gooseberries, and LRP will have jars of brand-spanky new organic gooseberry jelly for you Tuesday (not to mention "Cherry-Berry" jam from more locally sourced fruit!)!
Middle row: Hackleboro Orchards and Top of the Hill Farm, and likely Barker's Farm, will have peppers!  Hackleboro and Meadow's Mirth Farm will gave blueberries!!
Bottom row: Get yer eggplant from Top of the Hill! Raspberries, too!  And, Sugarmomma's Maple Farm will be sporting brand new jars of rhubarb ketchup on their table!

Top row: Yes!  We will have corn!!  Barker's is the best!  Sweet, tender...get it now!  Thirsty? Try Blackbird's Daughter Botanical's ever so lightly sweetened and botanically flavored spritzers!  So yummy!  (She sells the syrup, too, for you to take home and make yourself!)
Middle row: Sugarmomma's Maple Farm and Brasen Hill Farm both sell eggs!  Check out Kellie Brook Farm for all kinds of pork cuts for grilling!
Bottom row: The hat trick, here, kids! Fresh mozzarella from Wolf Meadow Farm, and tomatoes from Top of the Hill, or Hackleboro Orchards, or Meadow's Mirth, or Barker's Farm, or From My Head Tomatoes ...phew! Find huge bunches of basil from Top of the Hill, and smaller, easy-to-utilize bunches from Barker's Farm
There is so much more!  Great beer, mushrooms for grilling (or any other style of cooking that you desire), all kinds of tender squashes... you name it!  Come get it! We'll have plenty of tokens on hand to help you out if you use SNAP or debit, and copies of the 2014-15 Seacoast Harvest should you want a personal copy of the seasonal foods calendar on the inside!

Yours Locally,
The Greenland Farmers' Market

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Greenland Farmers' Market - Week 9: Pix and More Pix!

Barker's Farm cut flowers and spring dug potatoes (Irish Cobblers and redskins); Meadow's Mirth blueberries; Harry from Hackleboro Orchards polishing Honeycrisp apples; Brasen Hill Farm's Ailsa Craig and Red Torpedo onions; Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals' handcrafted gourmet sugars and bath salts; Kailey getting her signage ready for From My HEAD TomaTOES; Top of the Hill slicing tomatoes
Hackleboro Orchards' array of summer squash; Top of the Hill's fresh herb bundles and cut flowers (among a fine selection of grassfed meats!); Meadow's Mirth Farm's succulently sweet cherry, grape and slicing tomatoes; From My HEAD TomaTOES selling heirloom cukes, salad greens and sunflowers; lavender shortbread for sale at Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals; White Gate Farm's array of homemade jams & jellies, maple syrup and honey, and their green beans; organic beets from Meadow's Mirth Farm; Forrest Barker from Barker's Farm; handmade cider donuts from Hackleboro Orchards; dried culinary and medicinal mushrooms from NH Mushroom Co.
Hackleboro Orchards honey; Top of the Hill Farm slicing cukes; Little River Pantry jam & jelly trios (among many other fine canned good products!); Barker's Farm's own popping corn; stained glass window ornament from Walk On Glass, Rochester, NH; Throwback Brewery's locally made brew; Kellie Brook Farm's smoked bacon
Forty Five market Street Bakery and Cafe with freshly pressed lemonade; Dennis from NH Mushroom Co.; Little River Pantry's pickled eggs; Gunther's Goodies dog treats; Barker's Farm romaine lettuce; Sugarmomma's Maple Farm maple soft-serve ice cream; Forty Five's array of cookies; Jewell Towne Vineyard's wines; Wolf Meadow Farm artisan Italian cheeses
Moriarty's Greenhouses selling hangers and potted annuals & perennials; Sugarmomma's Maple Farm products; an array of annuals from Moriarty's Greenhouses; Wicked Rural Apothecary handcrafted gifts, including Pysanky eggs, beeswax candles, polymer clay ornaments and more; Emilie's Homemade Dog Food; eggs for sale from Brasen Hill Farm (White Gate Farm and Sugarmomma's, too!); and, whimsical citronella beeswax patio candles from Wicked Rural Apothecary 


Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Middle Stretch!

Josh Jennings, Meadow's Mirth Farm, Stratham, NH
Meadow's Mirth Farm will be joining us Tuesday, and they'll be sure to please with their certified organic cut flowers and delicious vegetables, fresh greens, edible flowers and more! Stop by and say hello to farm owner Josh Jennings, if you don't already know him from Portsmouth and Exeter's markets!

Whimsically named From My HEAD TomaTOES Farm will also be joining us.  FMHT specializes in preserving genetic diversity and whole-system cultivation with their growing practices, with heirloom tomatoes at the forefront! Stop by and say hello to Kailey Burke, one of the three farmers behind FMHT!

Keith Salcines, Kailey Burke, and Britton Beal, From My Head Tomatoes Farm, Lee, NH

Susan McGeough and her late father, Andy, White Gate Farm, Epping, NH
Last but not least, White Gate Farm will be joining us! Susan McGeough and her family are long-time well-loved vendors of fabulous fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, winter squash, homemade preserves, honey, maple syrup, and more. Welcome White Gate!

Then there's music! Up this week in the music department, David Moore will be with us. An accomplished NH birch syrup farmer, David, a music teacher by day, plays the piano accordion, 5-string banjo (three-finger style), and fiddle!  Known for his meandering style, he has a very fun way of entertaining the market. Just you wait and see!
Musician David Moore
Returning as our featured artist this week, JNEslinger Metal Work & Jewelry will have a full display of beautiful handmade mixed metals and torch-fired jewelry pieces.  Jane reclaims copper from sources in NH and uses seaglass and stones on occasion, making unique, whimsical pieces in all kinds of colors.  Again, just in time for those July birthdays! :)

Lead-free enameled earrings by Jane Eslinger metal work & jewelry

Photo courtesy Seacoast Eat Local
Click on image to learn more about shopping with SNAP/ebt and Debit
As always we'll have plenty of tokens on hand for debit/credit and SNAP shoppers, and match for SNAP shoppers thanks to support from Seacoast Eat Local!

Thanks to market underwriters Eno's Design Center and Poly Recovery! Their generous support makes many aspects of our market possible, from hiring musicians to giving out $25 gift cards for milestone fans of our Facebook page (#500 is fast approaching!) and photo contest winners (one of these days, one of you might actually post a picture on our FB page and win our photo contest!).

If you haven't signed up for our e-newsletter, there's no time like the present!  Lots of detail goes into each week's letter, with farmers and their products featured. This week's edition focuses on agricultural practices.

What's up with the greens that've got holes in their leaves? Read our newsletter and find out!

And, of course, we'll have all our other great farmers, prepared food vendors, and more:

Barker's Farm; Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals (snow cones are a-comin'!); Blueberry Hill: Alternatives for Life; Brasen Hill Farm; Digestion Matters; Emilie's Homemade Dog Food; Forty Five Market Street Bakery and Cafe; Gunther's Goodies; Hackleboro Orchards; (Jewell Towne Vineyards is out this week only); Kellie Brook Farm; Little River Pantry (new products every week!); Moriarty Greenhouses (gorgeous hangers always!); New Hampshire Mushroom Co.; Sugarmomma's Maple Farm; Throwback Brewery; Top of the Hill Farm; (Wicked Rural Apothecary is out this week only); and, Wolf Meadow Farm!  Phew!  

We still have lots of Maine sea salt options for you, too! Every purchase goes towards a charity of your choice--visit our table for more info!

Locally yours,

The Greenland Farmers' Market

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 7 - Food, News, and More!

Lots of local veggies, meats, berries and herbs this week!  New Hampshire Mushroom Co. will have their highly sought fresh cultivated mushrooms (their large oyster mushrooms are perfect for grilling), and wild chanterelles!

Photo of chanterelles, Wikipedia Public Domain
How about some of Wolf Meadow Farm's Italian artisan cheeses for those upcoming caprese salads?

We'll have all the other incidentals too: eggs; syrups; fresh cut flowers; hangers for the deck; and, of course, strawberries!  If you have never had a local NH strawberry, you are missing out!  Oh, lest we forget, don't miss out on Sugarmomma's Maple Farm's maple soft-serve ice cream!

And, snow cones anyone? Be sure to visit Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals!
We've also got vendors of award-winning local wines and brews; fresh soups; to-go meals; jams/jellies/pickles; honey; Gunther's Goodies pet treats; corn for popping from Barker's Farm, and more!  Come check us out and listen to live music from local seasoned musicians, shop from a fine artisan or two, or perhaps take part in our fun photo contests ($25  g.c. for each weekly winner!)!

Visit our blog for vendor and musician details at, or find us on Facebook at!

Yours locally,
The Greenland Farmers' Market

Click on this link to view this week's e-Newsletter!  Congratulations to Jewell Towne Vineyards and their recent "local wine" wins at the Big E Wine Competition!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 6 Already and Exploiting the 4th for All It's Worth!

Mike Morris is back!!  So looking forward to his humorous singing!  Lots of good tunes out of this guy!

We're going to be pretty near full tomorrow, just in time for stocking up for the holiday with great grilling goodies such as King Oyster mushrooms (peeerfect for grilling!!) from New Hamsphire Mushroom Co., or chicken and lamb sausages from Riverslea Farm, or classic pork sausages from Brookford Farm, Kellie Brook Farm, Brasen Hill Farm, and Top of the Hill Farm....

Kellie Brook Farm pork sausage

Sugarmomma's Maple Farm, Brasen Hill Farm, Kellie Brook Farm and Riverslea Farm also have plenty of chicken to offer, from wings to whole birds.  Beer can chicken, anyone?

Riverslea Farm whole chicken - a 4-pounder is perfect for grilling beer can style
And if that's not enough, or beef is your thing, Top of the Hill Farm can certainly take care of you!  There will be a whole slew of meats available at their stall, all perfect for grilling: flank steaks, tip steaks, minute steaks, and of course, ground beef for burgers!

Are you a burger king?  Imagine thick slices of Wolf Meadow Farm's peperoncino caciotta and sauteed chestnut or king oyster mushrooms from New Hampshire Mushroom Co. slathered all over a big, fat pastured beef burger, or, as our friends at Seacoast Eat Local prefer, melt slabs of Brookford Farm's raw milk cheddar all over 'em:

Says SEL, "This is the cheese you want melted over your burger, 4th of July or otherwise!"
And, don't forget those veggies of course!  Sugar snap peas will be available, as will bunches of garlic scapes (excellent for grilling, mind you) from Brasen Hill Farm and Barker's Farm. Brookford Farm is also ready to fill your bags with all kinds of wonderful summer veg: broccoli, summer and zucchini squashes, cucumbers, beet greens, kales and chards...on and on!  Will Barker's have their tomatoes for us?  We'll see!

Strawberries are still quite abundant, available from Barker's Farm, Hackleboro Orchards and Top of the Hill Farm.  Need herbs?  Barker's Farm and Top of the Hill can help out with that, too! 
Clockwise from upper left: garlic scape photo courtesy of Seacoast Eat Local; Top of the Hill Farm radishes; Brookford Farm summer squashes; Top of the Hill Farm basil and parsley; strawberries ans sugar snap peas photo courtesy of Seacoast Eat Local; New Hampshire Mushroom Co's array of mushrooms; Barker's Farm broccoli and zucchini

What to do with scapes besides grilling?  Use them in place of, or along with, basil in your next batch of pesto!  Remove the seed pods at the tips if you want less "heat." Coarsely chop them up, then add to the food processor with your other herbs, if using, along with salt & a bit of pepper, zest of lemon if you like, toasted pine nuts (or whichever nut you prefer), and whiz a way while drizzling in some good olive oil until smooth and paste-like! Dollop on top of pasta, hot or cold, or on grilled pizza, or on that beef burger!  Drooling....

2-3 bunches scapes, hot seed pods optional
bunch of other greens: basil, parsley, spinach, or all three--about the same volume as your scapes
1/4 cup toasted pine nuts
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
sea salt & fresh ground black pepper
1 Tbsp fresh lemon zest, optional
Scroll down on this page for another tasty version!

Don't forget the brew!!  Throwback's got your back!
Blueberry Hill: Alternatives for Life makes their own simple syrups from organically grown herbs and flowers.  
For a special dessert option, how about a gorgeous handcrafted botanical syrup drizzled all over some ice cream?  Or, do you know that 'red, white & blue' berry dessert that's always the rage?  Try some blueberry syrup over the blueberries for an extra punch of flavor!  Brookford Farm's cream, fyi, is the only way to fly!

Whatever you do, have a great holiday!  As Jacques Pepin would say, "Happy Cooking!"

Yours locally,
The Greenland Farmers' Market

Monday, June 23, 2014

Soulful Local Musician Tom Schena, June 24, 2014

We've got a great line-up of musicians for this market, with this week featuring local soulful singer Tom Schena!

Check out a recent clip of him singing 'Drift Away' on our Facebook page.  Don't miss him!  And, don't miss out on the gorgeous, plump, juicy and sweet berries our farmers will have!

There'll be nearly two dozen farm and food tents on the green, with strawberries abundant at Barker's Farm, Hackleboro Orchards and Top of the Hill Farm. We're expecting summer squashes from Barker's Farm; garlic scapes and sugar snap peas from Brasen Hill Farm; broccoli, bunched kale and bunched chard from Brookford Farm (not to mention their raw milk and yogurt products!); lots of eggs; gorgeous fresh cut flowers; and, all the grassfed and naturally-raised meats you could ask for, plus a whole lot more!

Hackleboro Orchards honey products

Are you familiar with medicinal mushrooms such as chaga and reishi?

New Hampshire Mushroom Co. chaga
In dried form, these fungi are excellent for making decoctions (teas) and tinctures.  They're antioxidant-rich, with long histories as immune system boosters and for their anti-tumor properties. Stop by the New Hampshire Mushroom Co. tent for more info!

We are an authorized SNAP/EBT & Debit/Credit market, providing up to $10 in match for SNAP recipients thanks to collaboration with Seacoast Eat Local. Stop by the GFM tent for more details, or look for the sign below at participating vendors!

See you there!

A shopper selects Romaine lettuce form among the beautiful salad greens, potatoes and strawberries at Barker's Farm stall last week

Thanks to Eno's Design Center an Poly Recovery for sponsoring our market this year!  We have a great market because of your generosity!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 4 is on its way! See you on Tuesday, June 17th!

If you haven't read your copy of our e-newsletter yet, Hackleboro Orchards will be joining us on Tuesday, complete with strawberries, Honeycrisp apples, and cider donuts!  Find out the rest of the nitty-gritty here.

Our full line-up for June 17th:
  • We've collected a couple umbrellas for Lost & Found.  We'll have them at our tent on Tuesday next week, so swing by and pick yours up there.

As always, a huge "thank you!" goes out to our market underwriters: